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How to get the best (not the MOST) out of your purse

article - how to get the bestBy Chris Bynum
Special to The Advocate

There are ways to lighten the load of the modern handbag, or at least find what’s in an overstuffed one, says professional organizer Virginia Barkley, author “ClutterBusting For Busy Women.”

1. Choose a purse with backbone: A purse that can stand on its own, literally, will keep its shape so you can peek inside to find what you need.

2. Keep inner pockets to a minimum: Choose a purse with pouches that hold the essentials such as keys, glasses, phone and makeup — and use them for that purpose. Differentiate the pouches by tagging with a color to make it easy to identify each.  Read More 

A Brilliant End of 2013 Calendar

ClutterBustingSoWorthItI am the least organized person on the planet. I forget things. I miss appointments. Every day when my husband asks me what I did, I’m never really sure what to say. There are days I don’t have time to pee because I’m just so busy, but I can’t for the life of me tell you why. I organize to procrastinate and then reorganize what I’ve organized because I read a book on organization. It’s ridiculous.

I had the pleasure of sitting in on a presentation by the accomplished Virginia Barkley, life coach, professional organizer, speaker and author of Clutter Busting for Busy Women, a #1 best seller that teaches us what clutter really is, how it distracts us from the good stuff, and prevents us from being productive. Her mantra: More Living, Less Stuff.  Read More 

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How does life become so cluttered?

Can You Learn To Be Organized?


When it comes to my work, I am a master of organization. My prop cabinet has shelves organized by prop type (linen, bowl, accessories, etc). My computer files are divided into folders by type and client. I have spreadsheets for tracking everything from social media stats to income. They are up-to-date, and constantly monitored, to ensure that my work life is on the right course.

But when it comes to my home … well, let’s just say organized is definitely notmy middle name.

That’s not to say that I don’t try. I do, and when I tackle a project you can count on the organization lasting for awhile. The problem is that there inevitably is some slide … and before I know it, organizing needs to be tackled again.  Read More…

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